Out May 27th 2022 on Sweet Morning Music.

The Milkmen deliver playful, swinging oldies that make you want to wiggle and smile. Drummer Hermund Nygård and the singing guitarist Svein Erik Martinsen, normally busy accompanying the stars on the Norwegian jazz scene, established this duo as a sanctuary where they could cultivate their common love for old blues and jazz. 

The debut album «You Can’t Judge A Book» offers classics like «You Are My Sunshine», and «Undecided», Willie Nelson’s «I gotta Get Drunk», vintage treasures like «Ac-cent-tchu-ate The Positive» and three originals, including the worlds first blues on knitting. 

Nygård and Martinsen, explore a toy box of instruments, often at the same time, including a homemade cigarbox guitar from Cognac and a cut off living room organ.

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